Being the exclusive representation of Nikon for optical measuring instruments Kneissl Messtechnik is your competent partner for Nikon optical measuring systems in Baden-Wuerttemberg. We tell you if and how you can solve your measuring problem with Nikon optical measuring systems. We would be pleased to advise you. advise.

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You’ll find below an overview about Nikon optical measuring instruments as well as accessories and software. Because of a big manifold of possibilities of applications and configurations we’ll be pleased to make you an individual offer
   Profil Projektors

Nikon profile projectors of serial V-12B are fun in precise measuring.The instruments are equipped with a built-in digital display for measuring xy and for measuring angles.The assortment of different measuring tables with a measuring range up to 200 x 150 mm and vertical wise movable head piece allows the measuring of bigger pieces up to a test piece height of 100 mm.
Up to three objectives can be hold with a bayonet socket in a rotating revolver holder and so they allow a high resolution and free of distortion inspection from 5 x to 500 x.
With additional extensive accessory as well as the upgrading with a geometrical processing unit for example a serial Quadra Chek, the instruments can be equipped meaningful and optimal according to the requirement.

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Distinguished optics combined with simple and ergonomic handling;
Nikon Stereo –Zoom-Microscopes serial SMZ 645/660/800/1000 and 1500 are setting new standards for the 21st century with an excellent cost/performance ratio.
Different stands for transmitted and incident light combined with an unique selection of lenses open to the user a sheer ceaseless variety of observation possibilities.
From the model SMZ 800 onwards the possibility is given to adapt a radiation division for introducing co-observer systems and digital cameras.

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   Measure Micorscopes

Nikon measuring microscopes, compact microscopes with a wide variety of application spectrum, depending on the model also suitable for big workpieces and metallurgical requirements.
• built-in linear scale for z-axis
• three-step zoom button for very abrasive/abrasive/fine adjustments
• trinocular microscope head
• meaningful accessory like a Nikon cold luminous source
or data processing systems like the Nikon software package E-Max or the geometrical processing unit Quadra Chek for quick and simple measuring routines are rounding up the programme.

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   Quadra Chek geometrical processing unit

genius – simple – genius
• processor for two dimensional geometric
• geometrical conjunctions from measured elements
• adjustment function
• workpiece programming
• graphical presentation of the measuring results as well as graphical programme guidance
• interfaces for all scale types – up to 4 axis
• optical scanning as an option
• parallel and serial interface
• data report, spc-gate
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  Data processing software – E-MAX Serie

This PC-based software (Windows? operating system) offers many possibilities to process the data generated by a connected instrument (measuring microscope, profile projector, others). It allows to the user the processing of two-dimensional data, the inspection of pictures, the collecting of measured values and the achieving of other tasks which can occur in accordance to the connected measuring instrument. Installed on a PC with a standard Windows? operating system, the software supports your measuring tasks. “multi-window”display and simple handling guarantee for brilliant measurings and simple measuring data processing.
• video window
• graphic window
• measured value display
• window for illumination settings
• result window
• list window
• tool bar
• measuring tool bar

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   NEXIV VMR Serial
The NEXIV VMR serial, high-precision CNC video processing systems made by Nikon.
More details, go for

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Besides the distribution and the advisory service of Nikon optical measuring systems Kneissl Messtechnik also offers the whole service for these instruments. From maintenance to the repairing up to the calibration referring to VDI/VDE 2617.In Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Upcoming as a certified laboratory.
As a matter of course we offer this service for all other current makes. Take this advantage. Only one contact person for different instruments, quick and flexible, that’s the full service from Kneissl Messtechnik.

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