In association with optical measuring instruments first of all the profile projector, the measuring microscope and the image processing can be named. The profile projector is still a very precise and compared to a measuring machine very cheap measuring instrument which can solve many measuring problems in a two-dimensional way.
By upgrading the projector with a geometrical processing unit like for instance a QudraChek, small measuring routines can be created and stored.

For more complex measuring problems and three-dimensional calculations as well as for the processing in ongoing software programs measuring microscopes and/or image processing units are ideally applied against the parts to be optically measured.

Also in this case we can offer you cheap alternatives compared to new instruments. Because of being the exclusive representation of Nikon for optical measuring instruments we are for many years specialised in selling and servicing optical systems (also other brands).
That’s why dismounting, mounting and calibrating is done by own Kneissl specialised staff.