measuring service with two Mitutoyo 3-D-CNC-co-ordinate measuring machines

  • measuring service/prototype sampling
  • serial measuring with statistical analysis
  • workpiece programming for Mitutoyo 3-D- co-ordinate measuring machines
measuring range
measurement uncertainty

measuring range
measurement uncertainty

3-D geometrical measuring
2-D contour measuring
form and 3-D digitalisation
measuring and graphic illustration of 3-D surfaces
data exchange with external systems
statistical analysis
prototype sampling inspection report VDA
900 x 550 x 600 mm
E ISO 10360-2
E = (5.5 + 7.0 x L/1000) ym
500 x 400 x 400 mm
E ISO 10360-2
E = (3 + 4.0 x L/1000) ym




measuring service with optical co-ordinate instruments

  • 2-D geometrical measuring
  • statistical analysis
  • prototype sampling inspection report VDA
measuring range
measurement uncertainty
bis 250 x 250 mm
3 + L/25

SPC measuring station for small measuring tools

  • statistical analysis of the
    measuring results with Statpak-WIN

calculation of capability characteristic values:
CM(K), CP(K), Pp(K), CAM, CAP
Control card – action control limit
statistic tests
stability tests