inspection in accordance to VDI / VDE 2617

scope of services:

  1. functional testing
  2. basic clean-up
  3. cleaning: lenses, condenser, projection mirror
  4. lamp checking and adjustment of transmitted and incident lightning
  5. checking the measuring table and adjusting it towards the optical axis
  6. checking the angularity and adjusting the measuring table
  7. Checking and adjusting the eccentricity of the screen (centric 360°)
  8. checking the accuracy of the digital angle display and compensation if necessary
  9. checking the projection and adjustment on distortion
  10. checking the magnification of the lenses
  11. checking the accuracy of the measuring table direction X and Y
  12. inspection certificate and test certificate according to DIN/ISO 9000, back to national normal
  13. test badge

not included in the scope of services:
  • necessity of repairs and spare parts coming up during maintenance and inspection
  • additional cleaning work because of high fouling
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